Q: What is a "Dog Tap House"?

It’s a Tap Room for great craft beer and food, but…also a museum like setting dedicated to the world of dog. In other words…Dog Tap House.

Fido’s is all about connecting people with craft beer, great food, the love of dogs and helping charities.

Q: Where did the idea come from?

A:   A local taproom and Cat Cafe, got us thinking…What could be more Portland than Craft Beer, Pizza, Dogs and Charities?

Q: Are there any other Dog Tap Houses in Oregon or other states?

A: Yes. Bark Rescue Pub opened in 2020. Please visit and support them in Spokane, WA. 

Q: Can I play with the dogs?

A:   Due to COVID, we are not currently allowing interaction with dogs we may be fostering.

Q: Can I Bring My Dog To Fido's?

A: Our location does have an outdoor patio, suitable for you to bring your family Fido. The Health Code does not permit pets, other than registered service animals to enter the actual eating / drinking establishment. 

Q: Can I Bring My Children?
A: Absolutely. Minors are allowed every where except for the counter seats at the main bar.