Q: What is a "Dog Tap House"?

It’s a Tap Room for great craft beer with adoptable rescue dogs. In other words…Dog Tap House. Main features are:

1) 40 rotating taps of great craft beer, wine & Cider.   2) A “Day Room” where patrons can play with or adopt a rescue dog provided by Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals.  3) Enjoy an environment dedicated to dogs and rescue charities. 4) Our TV’s feature fun, educational shows about dogs, but also sports games.  5) Charity partnerships. We will promote their missions and events for free. 6) Events on the patio. Art Shows, Dog Trainer Demonstrations, Meet A Veterinarian, or say hello to a local dog hero. 7) Beer signs? Nope. Fido’s is dogs on steroids.

Fido’s is all about connecting people with craft beer, great food, the love of dogs and helping charities.


Q: Where did the idea come from?

A:   A local taproom and Cat Cafe, got us thinking…What could be more Portland than Craft Beer, Shelter Dogs and Charities?

Q: Are there any other Dog Tap Houses in Oregon or other states?

A: No. Fido’s is the first of its kind in the world.

Q: Can I play with the dogs?

A:   Yes. Sign a liability release form then we charge $4/30 minutes to enter. This fee is very important to help cover our costs and support charities.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt Fido?

A:   Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals (OFOSA), charges $300 for 1 yr plus in age, $350 for less than one year. This covers Fidos spay/neuter, up to date shots and micro chip.

Q: Can I Bring My Dog To Fido's?

A: Our location does have an outdoor patio, suitable for you to bring your family Fido. The Health Code does not permit pets, other than registered service animals to enter the actual eating / drinking establishment. Please be considerate of the fact that we are fostering dogs “on site”. This is their home and they will get anxious when they see other dogs approach their house.

Q: Can I Bring My Children?

A: Absolutely. In fact, upon entering Fido’s, you will be thrilled to see that there is not one beer or alcohol sign in our space. It is truly a temple to dogs.

Q: Will Fido's help Non-Profit groups that help dogs?

A:   ABSOLUTELY. We will partner with them to make guests aware of their missions and to showcase their unique services. We want to have demonstrations by: Guide Dogs For The Blind. Search & Rescue Groups, and many others. Finally, we will make regular donations to a wide variety of charities.

Q: Can I work at Fido's?

You must enjoy Dogs, People and Beer. Send us an email to SaveDogs@ILoveFidos.com