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My name is Dewey!
I haven’t had my picture taken yet but I’d love to see you! My brother (Huey) and I arrived in the same bus and we love playing with each other. I tend to sit back and watch my brother cause trouble. 

Hey! I’m Huey!
I too haven’t had my picture taken yet! My brother (Dewey) and me have fun playing with each other all day. We are just shy of being 6 months old so we are quite active! I’m fearless and haven’t fallen many times so you’ll see me jumping off furniture and climbing up walls! Hope to see you soon!!

Hello! Leon here!

I arrived to Fido’s on February 12th. I’m really excited to be here! I am learning so many new things! The other night I enjoyed leash training with one of my friends here at Fido’s. Maybe you can help me get even better? I’d love to go on daily walks with you. In addition, lots of snuggles would be greatly appreciated! I should also let you know that I’m 4 years old and almost weigh 8 pounds. They say I do great with a potty pad, but I’d prefer to get it all done on our walks or in a yard. Come in and say hello!

Hi, my name is Layla.

When you visit me at Fido’s I may not be the first fido to greet you, but give me a moment and I’ll be in your arms in no time. We are working on my socialization and I’m hoping to break out of my shell. I’m fully grown at 9 pounds, but hoping to gain some more weight. Everyone tells me I’m the sweetest Fido they know. Maybe I’m sweet enough for you too?

I currently have a pending adoption! But don’t let that stop you from loving me!

Hello, my name is Dafney!
I am the princess of the group but I prefer to be called the queen. My day consists of prancing around and checking on my subjects. Every once in awhile I’ll partake in a game of tug-of-war. I am a few years old so I am definitely more laid back then the rest of the litter. See you soon!

I currently have a pending adoption! But don’t let that stop you from loving me!