Policies & Process

Visit with Fido!

Our Foster Fido’s are available from 11am – 11pm daily. These are some important points, policies and procedures all visitors will follow.

1. Our Fido’s live here. This is there home. We want them to have fun with people and be loved here until they are adopted.

A. All visitors are required to sign a legal waiver and have on file prior to entering the Fido room.
B. All minors, 17 & younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
C. Children younger than 5 are not permitted to enter.
D. Any guest that is considered to be inebriated or disruptive will not be permitted to enter, or will be asked to leave.

2. Entering Fido’s Room.

A. Insure the temporary fence is in place prior to opening door.
B. Be silent and ignore the dogs. Walk to an immediately find the nearest seat.

3. Meeting Fido.

A. Allow the dog to investigate you first. Let them sniff you. Once they do, extend the back of your hand and let them smell you again.
A dogs nose is 1000x more sensitive than humans and they smell every smell in your clothing. If you have pets at home, expect that Fido might
spend some extra time “seeing” your pet with smell.
B. Please use this procedure for each Fido in the room.

4. Interacting With Fido.

A. Please do not pick up the dogs. They spend 12 hours each day interacting with many patrons, they may not want to “snuggle”. Play tug of war with them. Throw a toy.
Allow our Fosters time to know and trust you. Be patient with our kids, as they come from a wide range of circumstances and some very unpleasant situations.
B. Please be acutely aware of their behavior. Grabbing, holding and restraining a dog may create stress. Let them come to you. Let them jump on the bench next to you.

5. Leaving Fido’s Room.

A. Leave as you entered. Be silent. Ignore the dogs. Insure the temporary fence is in place before you open the door.

6. Adopting A New Best Friend.

A. We follow and adhere to the adoption procedures provided by Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals.