Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals (OFOSA)

Who is OFOSA? Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals is the charity that owns the dogs that are fostered at Fido’s. While we get the glory of posting the adoptions, the true heroes are the volunteers and staff that work behind the scenes for our charity partner. The process of rescuing these wonderful pets from euthanasia in California is daunting. There has to be a volunteer on the ground in central California who physically visits the kill shelter. They do the initial on site evaluation and decide if the dog is a good fit for Fido’s. They transport the dog to their home or a foster home to await transportation. Transportation arrives with either a paid service or other volunteers in vans. Traveling 600 miles to Oregon, the dogs arrive at 2am in Tualatin. Another person must volunteer to intake the dog at 2am. They’re tagged, licensed, groomed, bathed, fed, behaviorally evaluated and given time to relax. From 12-2pm another foster volunteer arrives to pick up the dog and take to their home for another 5-7 days of evaluation. Only if all of these steps and volunteers work together, does the dog arrive at Fido’s for their final foster home and the glory of adoption. The dedication of these self less people is the only reason why Fido’s has dogs in the tap room.

Inside Fido’s, we have a 6′ tall picture of a beautiful puppy rescued from the streets of Taiwan when she was 11 months old. Brought to California by a Taiwanese/American couple, “Kiko” was saved from certain death and found her forever home because of people like Cute Adopted and Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals. These volunteers and staff are the true hero’s, they like thousands of others working to save dogs are Kiko’s Heroes. I am forever grateful for these wonderful people.

Fido – Borgo San Lorenzo

Received a wonderful surprise message today from Francesco Buonanotte, the administrator for the official FaceBook page of the Real Fido from Italy. He is flattered by the business name and that we posted the original story of Fido on our website. Responded in kind by thanking and liking    Facebook/Fido Borgo San Lorenzo