I’m pleased to announce that we have passed the last major hurdle for a lease and are on the home stretch. Working on finalizing the floor plan for approval by landlord. Should have a signed lease within 10-12 days. The space is in Tigard near 217 / Pacific Hwy. It is a near perfect space for Fido’s. 2900 sq ft with a patio. Patrons can bring their Fido’s to sit on the patio with them. I want Fido’s to revolutionize how a commercial business can assist rescue charities. Yes we are a craft beer taproom, but you will not see a single beer sign anywhere other than the taps. Even the TV’s will play dog videos from YouTube and slide shows. We will feature and regularly promote Charities and provide them a venue to educate us on their mission. Events will feature guests from Authors, Artists, Photographers, Charities, Trainers, Police Dogs and eventually…dog loving celebrities. I promise that the World’s First Dog TapHouse will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. If you love dogs, you’ll love FIDO’S.