My dreams for what I intend Fido’s to be for the community, charities and dogs, are slowly coming to fruition. As a new business, my family and I are waist deep in the operations of Fido’s, working to provide customer service and become profitable. With the long hours we put in to operate the bar and care for the dogs, it’s challenging to create time to turn my creative thoughts into events. Despite the work load, Fido’s…along with our Charity partner Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, are making great strides. 19 dogs adopted. Anonymous patron donations to Oregon Friends are becoming regular. We are fine tuning our rules and procedures for public interaction with the “rescues”. There is also, promising activity that I have managed to squeeze in between serving customers, getting dogs adopted and managing all aspects of the business.

EVENTS:  The unique nature of combining a tap room with rescue dogs and dog charities provides for some never before seen events. Dates and times are posted on our Facebook page.

Hop Valley Tap Takeover and Mountain Wave Search & Rescue (MWSAR). $1 from every Hop Valley pint benefits charity, and MWSAR will have a search/rescue demonstration to find a volunteer hidden in the woods. This event features the unique elements of The World’s First Dog Tap House. Enjoy great drink and food. Enjoy and learn about the world of dogs. Raise money for charities that have working dogs, rescue dogs, dog welfare, etc. This event spreads public awareness of the value dogs provide to society. Increased public awareness leads to better legislation to protect all dogs.

Who Let The Dogs Out!   Three for profit dog businesses combine to support The Pixie Project. Cycle Dog makes a wide variety of pet accessories using recyclable materials. A portion of their sales on Saturday will benefit Pixie. Ultimate Dog is a successful, growing mobile grooming business. Bring your dog in for a nail trim for $12 and $2 will be donated to Pixie. Finally, Dog Therapy. Every entry into the Fido’s room to play with the pups, generates $1 for the Pixie Project.

Humane Society United States & Best Friends Animal Society. They have selected Fido’s to be their location in Portland, to meet and strategize on how to change local, state and national legislation that puts the priority of rescue dogs, before puppy mills and the retail pet stores that continue to exploit these mills. National representatives from both charities will be present to strategize and coordinate their efforts. This is an informational meeting with patrons invited to listen.

Future Events. National Shelter Pet Adoption Day (actually the weekend for Fido’s). Apr 28-30. In addition to the Oregon Friends rescues, we are featuring four additional charities and their people dedicated to helping dogs.  Deaf Dogs Of Oregon. Pacific Pug Rescue. Pacific NW Bull Dog Rescue. Great Pyrenees Rescue Society.

Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash. Fundraiser for OHS and to bring greater public awareness to Fido’s.

Strut For Pups. Fundraiser for our Charity Partner Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals.

This is just the “tip” of activities we have for the future. I am humbled and grateful for the community response to this “experiment”.  A bar / restaurant is one of the most challenging businesses to operate. A hybrid bar with adoptable rescue dogs has never been done before. There are many behind the scenes challenges that FIdo’s and OFOSA are working through. The best interests of the dogs and patrons is always in the forefront of our minds.

The mission of Fido’s is “to provide a fun, welcoming and educational social environment that inspires patrons to adopt homeless dogs”. In this regard, I can say that we are successful. As we become more well known, and the patronage increases, I expect Fido’s to become the model that hundreds of businesses will copy to help benefit charities and the dogs they work diligently to love, protect and use for the good of society.

Thank you to all patrons and charities that have responded to this experiment known as Fido’s – The World’s First Dog Tap House.